Therapy or otherwise aesthetic filling is a dental procedure used to fix minor defects in the teeth, such as holes, using certified western materials. This procedure involves using a tooth-colored material to make the filling look like part of your tooth.
In this way, the aesthetic filling can be used to restore the aesthetics and functionality of the teeth. The use of materials in this process may vary depending on the tooth defect, the use and the patient’s expectations, but they are all of a very high quality. , sterilized and controlled.
The aesthetic filling procedure is a relatively simple procedure and can be performed in our clinic in a few short sessions. After the filling, the patient may feel some sensitivity for a few days, but this is normal and can be treated with simple anesthetics and analgesics. The final result of the aesthetic filling is a fixed, functional and aesthetic tooth.

Periodontal therapy is a field of dentistry that treats diseases of the gums and tissue that surround and support the teeth. These diseases include inflammation of the pulp, loss of bone cost and loss of tooth support, which can lead to tooth loss.

Gum disease is a serious problem that can lead to not only dental but also general health problems. If you think that gum disease should not be a concern, consider these facts:

⦁ The number one reason for tooth loss is due to gum disease.

⦁ Oral bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay are linked to heart attacks, strokes, and other systemic health problems.

⦁ It only takes 24 hours for oral bacteria to become dangerous enough to affect your dental health.

Periodontal therapy can eradicate bacteria and tartar from the gums affecting your dental well-being. And if you maintain a daily oral hygiene routine, along with six-monthly checkups at the BlueTooth Dental Clinic, then you can ensure continued good gum health.

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