A beautiful smile contributes to a good mood, increases self-confidence and enables you to leave a positive impression on others.

Cosmetic Dentistry offers a wide range of treatment options to improve the appearance of your smile. Our highly experienced team can provide solutions for crooked, chipped, worn or discolored teeth, as well as more serious cases of disease or injury.

We offer the full range of dental treatments to improve your teeth and smile including:

⦁ Cosmetic Bonding
⦁ Ceramic crowns
⦁ Porcelain veneers
⦁ Straightening teeth without wires

Cosmetic bonding is a technique used in dentistry to repair and improve the appearance of teeth with various problems such as breakage, chipping, change in color or shape. For this technique, specialized materials are used, such as resin composites, to improve the appearance of the teeth. This process begins with cleaning the surface of the tooth, then a chemical fluid is applied to increase the adhesion between the tooth and the new material. Finally, the resin composite is applied and modulated very carefully to give a perfect look.

This technique can be used to correct all types of dental defects, including:

  • Splitting, breaking or damaged tooth roots
  • Different colors and deformations of teeth
  • Dental attachments or minor restorations
  • Correction of protrusions between the teeth

Cosmetic bonding is a great solution to improve the appearance of teeth and make them appear very natural. To understand if this is a suitable solution for you, we come to your aid for a complete assessment of the condition of your teeth.

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