Dental surgery is a surgical procedure performed to remove one or more infected or damaged teeth. It can also be performed to remove an infected tooth root that cannot be treated with endodontic therapy.

Before surgery, the patient may need an X-ray scan or a CT-scan to help the dentist assess the depth and condition of the tooth. The surgeon may use a local anesthetic to numb the area of the body where the procedure will be performed, and in some cases, full anesthesia will be needed.

Generally, the dental surgery procedure involves a small incision in the tongue, roof of the mouth, or anywhere else that may be needed, to reach the infected tooth or root. The surgeon will then remove the infected tooth or root from the bone, using special dental surgery tools. After surgery, the patient should follow the dental surgeon’s instructions to minimize discomfort and facilitate the healing process. This may include the use of analgesics and eating soft foods. Dental surgery is a serious procedure and may be necessary to cure a tooth infection or relieve pain.

Other surgical services are tooth extraction, dental implantation, treatment of cysts and tumors, and correction of mouth opening disorders.

Tooth extraction is a common procedure in dental surgery, which is performed in various cases, such as broken, chipped, infected teeth, or those that cannot be fixed with any other treatment. In this procedure, the doctor can use local or complete anesthesia, depending on the case and the sensitivity of the patient.

Dental implant is another surgical procedure which is used to replace a missing tooth. In this procedure, a dental implant is placed in the bone of the tooth and grows over time to create a stable base for a dental crown or denture. The dental clinic can use advanced technology to ensure that dental implants are placed with precision and provide a durable and healthy result.

Treatment of cysts and tumors in the tooth skull and neck is another surgical procedure that can be offered by the dental clinic. These problems can be caused by an illness or injury, and the doctor can use surgical techniques to remove the cyst and tumor, and to ensure that the risk of their recurrence is reduced.

Correction of mouth opening disorders is another surgical procedure that can be offered by the dental clinic. This may involve using surgical techniques to adjust the opening of the mouth, the so-called “temporomandibular joint” or TMJ. This procedure can help relieve pain and discomfort

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