Pedodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the care and treatment of children’s teeth. We take care of children’s teeth and various diseases in their mouths, as well as help develop their oral health.
Pedodontics focuses on treating problems such as repairing cavities and tooth damage, caring for broken teeth, and treating infections and pain in children’s teeth.
Pedodontics also includes counseling and educating children about oral hygiene and dental care. This can include various techniques, such as mouthwashes, toothbrushes and toothpastes adapted for children, as well as education about proper diet to maintain dental health.
If the child needs advanced dental treatment, such as orthodontic appliances, pedodontics collaborates with other specialists such as orthodontists to ensure appropriate treatment for children.

Orthodontics in children

Baby teeth can decay because children are unable to provide adequate oral hygiene and brushing, and this can result in falling out. For the permanent teeth to develop in the correct position and for the development of the jaw, it is very important that the baby teeth remain in the mouth until the permanent teeth develop. In most cases, early loss of baby teeth causes the permanent teeth to lose their place and cause crooked teeth. In these types of loss of milk teeth, measures to maintain the site must be taken.

Orthodontic examination in children can begin with the maturation of permanent teeth (6-7 years old). Counseling on teething and eruption (how new teeth are coming in) teeth supervision and jaw development that occurs under the control of an orthodontist is helpful in preventing potential orthodontic problems that can occur up to the emergence of all teeth (age 14). In most cases, the diagnosis of a very simple orthodontic disorder in the early stages can be easily corrected with preventive treatments in the field of pediatric dentistry.

It can be said that children’s dentistry is the branch of dentistry that takes the most important role in dental health. Because proper and healthy growth of teeth during childhood means that the person encounters dental problems at a minimal level during adulthood. Also, with pedodontic treatments, teeth that show incorrect eruption will be placed in their natural and healthy positions, and this ensures a healthier adult life in many areas such as diction, digestion, dental health and aesthetic appearance.

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