Orthopedics in dentistry is one of the aspects of cosmetic dentistry, which includes various aesthetic works made with materials such as porcelain, e-max and zircon to create various crowns, covers and plates. These appliances are designed to match the color and shape of natural teeth, creating a completely custom fit.

These materials are chosen because of their special qualities, such as color, resistance and durability. Porcelain, for example, is known for its white color, which is similar to the color of natural teeth, while zirconia is a hard and durable material that can be used to create hard and durable crowns and crowns.

Orthodontics can be used to treat cosmetic defects of teeth, such as dark colors, injuries, bad shapes, small sizes, or to repair damage to teeth, such as cavities and fractures. This makes it possible for a person to have an attractive color and shape of the teeth and gain a sense of self-confidence and security in feeding and communication. This technique has also been used to improve the position of the teeth in cases of patients with bad occlusal relationship between the teeth or to cover the roots of

destroyed and sensitive teeth. To make an orthopedic work, advanced technology such as 3D scanning and CAD/CAM is used to design and manufacture the orthopedic work accurately and precisely.

Crowns are ceramic structures built to cover a damaged or weakened tooth. Crowns are very useful in cases where the conditions of the tooth are such that an ordinary filling is not sufficient to repair them. Crowns are very useful in cases where the conditions of the tooth are such that an ordinary filling is not sufficient to repair them. In the following we will further explain each of them:

  • Zirconia crown: Zirconia crown is made of a type of material based on zirconium oxide, which is a strong, durable and suitable material for use in dentistry. This crown is very stable in time, and can last for a long time, using CAD / CAM technology to create a perfect fit with the natural tooth. Zirconium crowns can be more transparent than porcelain crowns and are lighter in weight, making them more suitable for use on front teeth.
  • Porcelain crown: A porcelain crown is made from a type of material called dental porcelain, which is very similar in color and appearance to natural teeth. This crown can be chosen in the color of a particular person and is very suitable for use on the back teeth. The porcelain crown offers a natural and beautiful appearance, making the tooth look like the real thing. This crown can last for a long time if properly cared for and used properly.
  • The e-max crown is designed to mimic the color, shape and transparency of a natural tooth. Due to its aesthetic qualities, e-max crowns are a preferred choice for patients looking for a genuine solution to their aesthetic dental problems. In addition, e-max crowns are strong and durable, and can last the life of a tooth for a long time. They are among the most durable and resistant materials in dentistry, making them a good choice for patients who want to be sure their crowns will last a long time.

However, the price of e-max crowns is higher than the price of ordinary porcelain crowns, but in many cases it is worth investing in a real solution for aesthetic dental problems. However, each of them has its own benefits and we help you to determine which will be most suitable for your case.

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