Orthodontics is the field of dentistry that deals with the direction of the teeth and aims to improve the function and aesthetics of the mouth. German aligners are used to reposition teeth and correct a variety of dental problems, such as gaps between teeth, narrowing of spaces, or spaces that are larger than they should be.

Our specialized department offers complete care for patients with orthodontic problems. Every patient is unique and so are their problems. Treatment at the BlueTooth Dental Clinic has several advantages:
– Complex treatment. If a patient decides to undergo orthodontic treatment at our center, we take photos of his teeth before and after treatment, panoramic and cephalometric graphs, hand graphs to determine the patient’s growth. Then we produce the study models, analyze and design the treatment plan.
For any orthodontic treatment, proper oral hygiene is essential because an application of fixed or removable braces creates rapid tartar deposition.

Each patient will receive advice on dental hygiene and detailed instructions on how to take care of it properly. The patient is always sure that the best materials are used. This procedure can be a little difficult at first and the patient can feel a pressure mild or a slight pain sensation in his teeth at the beginning of the treatment.
However, after a few days or weeks, these sensations will decrease and the patient will begin to feel better. In addition to correcting dental problems, German braces can help improve oral hygiene and prevent problems. other dental problems, such as caries and periodontitis diseases.

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