Zoom Bleaching is a professional whitening treatment that gives your teeth an average of eight shades of whiteness – in just one hour. The treatment is safe and simple. We take special care during treatment, and your comfort is our priority. The procedure takes about an hour and does not require anesthesia. Whitening is safe and effective, and can brighten your smile.
The Zoom Whitening procedure consists of applying a gel with hydrogen peroxide to the surface of the teeth, and then bright blue light is applied to the teeth to activate the gel and remove damage to the color of the teeth.
It is important to be careful with dental hygiene to maintain the white and bright color of the teeth after this procedure. Contact us for more information on whether Zoom Whitening is a suitable solution for you and your dental condition.

Whitening in home conditions
For patients who prefer to whiten their teeth in the comfort of their own home, we use professional gel that is placed in custom trays for your mouth. You will see results after the first use and have a completely radiant smile at the end of two ~ six weeks.