Restorative dentistry is the field of dentistry that focuses on repairing damage to teeth and restoring their normal function. This includes a variety of techniques and treatments, such as filling, straightening, building and replacing missing teeth.

Filling is a common procedure to repair damage to teeth that may have been caused by cavities or fractures. This involves removing the damaged part of the tooth and filling it with a filling material.

If you have missing teeth due to damage, trauma, or periodontal disease, then there are several options to fill your gaps in your smile. We can make a crown or bridge, full or partial denture, or dental implants

If your teeth are rotten and infected due to their damage or advanced diseases, we can offer specialized treatments. Generally, tooth damage can be fixed with a filling or crown. A porcelain crown can also be used to repair a broken tooth.In our clinic we use, among other things, the highest quality and aesthetic ceramics that are known in the western markets.

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